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The Next Generation Of Superior, Ethical Veggie Capsules


Buying empty capsules is the easy and empowering way to continue your health and wellbeing journey whilst saving time, money and stress.  However, it can be a difficult area for newcomers to tackle - unless they take a browse through our Frequently Asked Questions!  

We've taken the time to think long and hard about all of the questions and issues faced by newcomers to the world of empty gelatin and veggie capsules, and packaged it all up right here.  You'll be the master of your vegetarian and gelatin capsules in no time - so let's get straight to all the questions you need to know as you buy empty capsules for the first of many, many times to come!


Q: What Are Your Capsules For?

If it's something to do with the world of gelatin or vegetarian capsules, you've come to the right place.  Whether you need them for your medicines, your herbal or therapeutic remedies, your dietary supplements, your health products or whatever it is you swallow down every day, our caps are developed and made with the highest levels of integrity and quality.

Q: What Capsules Sizes Are There?

Did you know that the most common capsule sizes are 0 or 00?  Actually, there are several other sizes on the capsules size chart as well - because we understand that you need the flexibility to achieve your health and wellbeing goals, no matter what they are.  000 size is even bigger than the standard 0 or 00, and then there are plenty that are smaller, too - from 1-4 and then the teenie-tiny size 5 that even the kiddies can easily swallow.

Q: What Types Of Things Can I Put In My Empty Capsules?

The sky is the limit! (almost) Our high-quality empty caps, however, work best for the full range of dry powdered herbs, food supplements, pure oils, vitamins, medicines and custom formulas. Unfortunately, they won't hold anything containing water.

Q: Will They Hold Liquids, Too?

While our capsules are most reliable with dry supplements, medicines and powders, you will find that many types of pure oils can also be reliably contained.  However, anything that has water in it will begin to dissolve the capsule immediately, so our recommendation is to buy a small batch at the start to test them with your particular filling. If what you're looking to take is something like coconut or olive oil, you won't have any problems.

Q: Do I Need To Buy A Capsule Filling Machine Too?

It's perfectly possible to fill your capsules without a capsule machine - and it's kinda fun, too!  However, although you've definitely found where to buy empty capsules, you may find life is even easier and you have even more time on your hands if you pair that empty capsule purchase with one of the best machines for filling capsules.

Q: What Sort Of Machine Will I Need?

Our empty capsules are designed to fit snugly and exactly with all the major filling machines. 

Q: What If I Prefer To Fill Them By Hand?

While you'll need to use a little patience to perfect your method, the answer is absolutely yes - and it's not as hard as you're imagining.  If you think you won't be needing dozens upon dozens of capsules every day, you'll discover that filling by hand is something you'll get used to quite quickly - and you'll be filling multiple of them every minute, anyway.

Q: Are Your Capsules For Vegetarians And Vegans Just As Good?

Because standard capsules are made out of gelatin, which is an animal protein derived from collagen, that used to make life really hard for those truly committed to the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.  That's exactly why we offer capsules designed especially for the vegan - because you can be 100% confident that any veggie product in our catalogue contains not a shred nor a trace of any animal-derived ingredient.  Not just that, we understand that because so many of our customers are vegan, we needed to ensure that our vegetable and purified water-based capsules are just as good in terms of taste and performance, as well as environmentally-friendly and totally BSE-free.

Q: How Can I Be Sure Your Capsules Are The Best Quality?

Good question!  And it makes us proud to be able to answer with such confidence.  It's our absolute passion to ensure that our capsules are absolutely perfect for any dry ingredient.  Not just that, we source companies that only use the highest quality gelatin or vegetarian natural ingredients to make them, our manufacturers quality standards are so high that they ensure no leakage, a totally neutral taste, not a single artificial colour or preservative, and seriously easy to fill, lock together, and swallow.

Q: Are Your Capsules Safe For Your Pets, Too?

Yes!  While they're designed and manufactured with the strictest of quality control specifically to be safe for use for us humans, our furry friends can enjoy them too!  Many people struggle to find a good way to give their fussy dogs or cats their medicines, particularly if the medicines taste really bad.  But if you put that medicine inside some of our smaller sized capsules, like sizes 3, 4 or 5, your pets won't be able to taste the medicine at all and they'll swallow the caps without even noticing.

Q: How Long Will The Capsules Last In Storage?

Just make sure that the place you're planning to store your capsules is fairly dark, dry and cool, and they'll last for years and years.

Q: I've Heard That Empty Capsules Are Easily Damaged?

You've probably heard that old chestnut about empty capsules with dented and damaged ends, or the ones that so often tend to separate after they're filled.  Ours, however, were meticulously designed to tackle those problems, including our innovative positive mechanical lock which makes filling them not only easy but more reliable.

Our Passion For Quality And Satisfaction

Quality, consistency, performance: That's our daily mantra as we proudly meet the ever-growing demand for the next generation of superior-quality pill capsules that are truly affordable, ethical, and the innovative products of cutting edge technology.  Our obsessive passion for quality standards, and a devoted commitment to truly meeting the specific needs of every individual customer, is proven with every single gelatine and vegetarian capsule we sell.

No matter your needs, your desires or your specifications, we collaborate with customers of every kind to guarantee that every capsule is sourced and supplied with exquisite-quality, fast turnarounds, advanced packaging, and experienced, ongoing support that meets and exceeds your expectations.

More flexible, less brittle, more attractive, cost-effective, easy to swallow and easy to match to your medicines, supplements and custom products - you're in safe hands with our practical and versatile gel capsules that are guaranteed to please.