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Capsule sizes

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(Generally Speaking, the herbal capsules you find in bottles are #00 or #0)

Capsule sizes are the same for gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules

Capsule Size Chart

Capsule Volume [ml]1.370.950.680.500.370.300.21
Body Length - (closed) [mm]25.7023.421.7019.3017.8015.7014.20
Body Diameter [mm]9.44-9.548.15-8.257.30-7.406.61-6.696.05-6.135.55-5.615.00-5.08
Capsules Per Teaspoon (aprox.)3579111520

What Capsule Size Is Right For You?

Empty capsules are the key to taking command of your daily regimen of dietary, health and wellbeing supplements, herbs, medicines and personal blends - whilst saving time, money and stress at the very same time. One of the most common questions asked by those getting into the world of empty gelatin capsules, however, is 'what gelatin capsule sizes are right for me?'

The first thing to consider is that whether we are talking about our high quality gelatin or our increasingly popular veggie capsules, the range on offer refers to both gelatine and vegetable. To be precise, size 00 capsules - the most commonly used one in Australia and the world - are the same whether made of standard gelatin or the vegan/vegetarian that contain no trace of animal by-products.

What gelatin capsules are they right for you?

The same goes for the slightly smaller size 0 capsules, and then sizes 1 through 5 - 5 being the smallest standard product on the capsule size chart. This is important to note, especially if you are in the market for a capsule filling machine that you want to use to help fill all of the supplements in your daily regimen.

And we go back to our original question: What sort of empty capsules is right for you?

It is perhaps the most important question to ask when planning your new adventure in taking charge of your own filling of veggie or gelatin caps. Why? Because if you get it right from the start, you'll stay on track for saving all of that time, money and stress you were hoping for. Size 00 capsules, size 0 capsules, and more!

To make things easier, the leading manufacturers of high quality gelatin and veggie caps adopted a generic and simple system of numerical values to label all of the most common gelatin capsule sizes. On that capsule size chart, 000 is the 'grandfather' of them all, standing tall at just over 22mm. The next-biggest is the common and highly popular size 00, which you will be familiar with from your earlier days of buying pre-filled products.

Whether you go for these bigger variations on the capsule size chart, or you go for the easier-to-swallow size 0, depends on some other factors as well. What is your required or desired dosage? Do you already have a capsule machine that suits the filling of empty capsules of a particular size? What volume is your mix to suit your preferred gelatin or veggie capsules? And do you want to encourage your children to actively participate in your daily wellbeing regimen, which will lead you to select the smaller variations that are easy to swallow? Match the shell sizes with your filling machine?
Of course, the answer you are looking for could simply come down to personal preference, your capsule filling machine, and the specifics of when, how often and how accessible you want your daily health, wellbeing and dietary regimen to be.

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