Capsule Filling Machine
Capsule Filling Machine
Capsule Filling Machine
Capsule Filling Machine
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Capsule Filling Machine

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Custom Blends At Your Fingertips! 

This small machine will give you the power to create 24 capsules at your own home!

Our effective and fast capsule filling machine will save you huge amounts of money by buying your supplements, herbs, or vitamins powders in bulk and making your own blends. This machine will pop out 24 (18 for size#000) capsules in just minutes with each operation.

  • Comes With Detailed Instructions
  • Small and Portable
  • High-Quality Manufacturing
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Taking charge of all your capsule needs is empowering and liberating - but filling those high-quality empty capsules is no easy task. That's why you need our premium home capsule filling machine, which will instantly make it fast, simple, and fun to create your very own gelatin or veggie capsules.

If you've been struggling to fill your own vegetarian or gelatin capsules, this premium, innovative and affordable home capsule machine will transform your daily health and wellbeing regimen. It puts the power to create your very own blends in the most popular capsules sizes - from full size 000, the highly popular size 00 capsules, size 0 capsules for better portion control, and more.

Create your own capsules in all the popular capsules sizes

Our bespoke home capsule filling machine means you can start making your own blends and saving time, money, and stress today. Suitable for all the standard sizes, it will make taking your favorite powders, herbs, vitamins, supplements easier and considerably more cost-effective - with the entire hassle-free process only taking minutes.

Robust, light, and compact, our premium product can be easily carried wherever you go, ensuring you'll never miss a day in your daily health regime. With a clean, attractive design that is made to last with the highest possible manufacturing standards, rest assured that all of your shells can be filled with pharmaceutical industry-standard precision and accuracy every single time.

Filling empty capsules has never been simpler or faster

This nifty home capsule machine puts the power right in your hands to create the blends you need in a matter of minutes - no matter where you are. Fast, highly effective, portable, and of superb quality, our product saves you money and is easy to use thanks to simple, logical operation and detailed instructions.

Faster, easier and more reliable than other products on the market, we believe our machine is the perfect and best way to create your own blends at home or on the move. Made of the highest quality BPA-free materials that comply with the highest manufacturing and food standards, this product is the simple way to create your own gelatin or veggie capsules and it's easy to clean and safe to store.

Pharmaceutical-standard gelatin capsules made right at home

Buy today and start creating your very own caps at professional standards with no leakage within a matter of minutes. You can start saving up to 75% on your usual pre-filled health supplement and other dietary supplements by making your own, and our capsule filling machine gives you the ultimate control.

Our filling machines fit only one size per machine and come in: size 000 capsules, size 00 capsules, size 0 capsules, and size 1 capsules. Our capsule machine means no more frustration, wasted time and money, and supplement spillage - this product is perfect for beginners and guaranteed to please. Designed to make the process seamless, simple, and fun, a perfect batch of your favorite health and wellbeing supplement blends is just around the corner thanks to a machine that won't let you down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Linda Watkinson
Future Savings Come On Down

Loving the capsules and filler machine. Being able to fill caps that contain exactly what I want with no unnecessary fillers is awesome. Not to mention the cost savings over time. Couldn't be happier.


Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to save them selves time and money. Top product and super simple to use. 5 stars all the way

Silvia M
Capsule Machine & Gel.Caps

Very happy with my purchase.
I can’t believe I only recently found out about them. Worth every cent!
I now have a little capsule making ritual each night, very relaxing haha. Will definitely be purchasing more items soon. Good customer service too :).

Great products

Great quality, quick delivery and always ready to help with any questions I have.

Shaz A
Just as expected

Well packaged well priced happy customer

Robert Monkley
Great product and service

The order turned up quicker than expected and was easy to use.

Mark B.
Excellent Service

Empty Capsules did a great job promptly filling my order and ensuring speedy replacement when my capsules were damaged in transit. I also bought the filling machine which makes the process so much easier. Thanks Sarah!

Karl L.
Great product, fantastic service!

The team were extremely helpful and excellent to communicate with through the whole process. Fast delivery, and an excellent product. Highly recommended.

Phillip Holden

The products are just fantastic so easy to use and saves me so much time . I cannot believe I was filling capsules without this machine . Literally is ten times faster . I'm buying another machine now

Gel caps and filling machine

Super fast delivery. Quality exceeded my expectations.

The machine is easy to use and made filling the caps quick and efficient.

Great service company!